Link Description
Yousry Sharif Lists events, workshops, classes and schedules of Yousry Sharif of New York City originally from Egypt.
Adriana of Washing DC This site lists classes and events sponsored by Adriana of the Washington DC area, a Pioneer of Oriental Dance in America. The site also gives a history of her career and accomplishments and of the dance in America
Phaedra - MA This site lists the performances, classes and workshops of the dynamic Phaedra of MA.
Sabah - VT Site of Dancer, Teacher, Egypt traveler and event sponsor.
Rianna el Helwa Site of Boston's exquisite Oriental dancer Rianna el Helwa
Ma'isah Site of fabulous Oriental and folkloric dancer, Ma'isah of Boston.
Belly Dance New England This web site edited by Amy Smith lists events and information about Middle Eastern Dance in the New England area, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Vermont.
Nadirah Johara This web site lists performances, classes, background of Oriental dancer Nadirah Johara of Ft. Worth, Texas.
Origins Folkloric Dance Company Lists performances, repertoire, background of New England's most exciting folkloric dance company directed by Mahira (Margaret Slocombe)
Khadija - MA Dancer and Teacher of Middle Eastern Dance on Cape Cod, MA
Habiba Dance Studio -PA Home site of Habiba of Philadelphia and her Dance Studio listing Classes, Performances, workshops and events.
Zabeth of Boston Site of Zabeth, sponsor of the George Abdo Tribute and Diva pagents and workshops.
Oasis Dance Camp Site for Oasis Dance Camps, North, West and South, Describing each location, Teachers, History and Registration information.

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