Katia Orange

"As a dancer, Katia projects the soul of
Middle Eastern music in her performance."

- Ibrahim Farrah, New York City

"Katia is an 'educated dancer' elegant,
 passionate, with technique to show it all."

Velerie Camille, New York City

"I have the highest regard and respect for Katia as an elegant artist, dancer, teacher, promoter and a loyal advocate in the field of Middle Eastern Dance. She has followed her dream. The dance needs people like Katia!"
Adriana, Washington, D.C.

"Katia is beautiful in performance with simultaneous grand and delicate expression...One is 
embraced by her when she dances."

- Arabesque Magazine

Katia on Middle Eastern Dance

"My passion for performance and teaching is equal. My passion for the dance and the thrill of a good performance never leaves me. Great performance is the goal of our study."

"I love the classical Oriental dance for its elegance where one can be a queen on stage, and for its dynamic range of Middle Eastern movements. I love the folkloric dance (regional dance) as one can tell stories through this style and reach the people. I love and respect both styles of the dance, the ethereal and the earthy. To me, they are two sides or personalities of the dance, two different characters which are both part of the culture, part of the dancer, part of the woman.

"Performing and teaching are, in a way, the same; sharing who you are, what you know, what you can do with an audience or students. The difference is that you must motivate the students and give them what they need. You must care about what the students do with what you teach them when they leave the classroom. That is why I always try to give them more than just steps or choreography. I give them Dance!..... something they can apply to all their choreographies and improvisational dance."

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