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Visions of the East A Journey Through Dance - On DVD

Visions of the East A Journey Through Dance

Katia of Boston presents an inspiring DVD of her theater production at MIT's Kresge Theater in Cambridge, MA This two-hour 10 minute high quality DVD showcases Katia's choreography with 22 performers mostly of the Boston area. Beautifully authored and packaged, it contains dancer bios, full dance notes on the production, and a slide show of costuming of the production. Don't miss this great addition to your dance library! Contact Katia .

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Starsof the East

Boston's Stars of the East(Amera, Katia, and Sumaiya) is a trio of professional dance artists who were members of the internationally acclaimed Near East Dance Theatre. Directed and staged by Katia, this video showcases 12 exciting dances of the group's repertoire in a rich variety of folkloric and oriental choreographies.

According to Habiba (PA), "This is a video for dancers and will please serious dance students out there. This video presents a good model for troupe performance and provides a selection of dances that reflects a wide range of knowledge...a valuable addition to any dance library." NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD

Dance Katia Dance -DVD A 2-Volume Set

Dance, Katia, Dance - DVD

By popular demand, Dance, Katia, Dance is now available on DVD in a two volume set containing two DVDS! "Beautiful menus..... stunning slow motion section" "Artistic and Captivating" To order: Contact Katia .

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Video-Winner of Giza Academy Award- Best Middle Eastern Dance Video 2002 - Catagory: Choreography for the camera.

Dance, Katia, Dance!- Vol 1

A solo performance video starring Katia performing exciting, upbeat, sensuous, and soulful dances. This video features many original Oriental choreographies, lusciously costumed, and presented with Katia's trademark musicality, strong technique, and stage presence.

As reviewed by Medea/Linda Fedick, "A smooth and precise performer, Katia demonstrates her strong technique and mastering of stage presence in each of the seven routines presented on this video. Her often playful interpretation of the music is teasing and alluring featuring dynamic Egyptian hipwork and spins wrapped in iridescent silk."SEE ABOVE- AVAILABLE ON DVD IN 2 VOLUME SET. Contact Katia .

Dance Katia Dance - Vol 2 "Ahlan"

Dance, Katia, Dance - Vol 2 "Ahlan"

Katia's second solo performance video featuring eight dynamic choreographies to an exciting variety of Middle Eastern music is available now! Beautifully costumed by Shadia Tohme of Boston, This video features dances to the classic music of the Arab world as well as dances to some upbeat current music from the Middle East. It includes Katia's recent Egyptian choreography, "Love's Journey". SEE ABOVE - NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD IN 2 VOLUME SET. For information contact Katia . .

Visions of the East-A Tapestry of Life.

Visions of the East-A Tapestry of Life

A narrated fashion show of ethnic embroidered costumes and jewelry from the Middle East and North Africa beautifully modeled by Boston area dancers. A must for your video collection!

Available now on DVD Contact Katia.


"Youm el Farrah" - CD Release: Nominated Best CD 2001 by IAMED
Youm el Farrah

Kay Hardy Campbell on Youm el Farrah: "written by Boston-based Lebanese composer, Aboudi Badawi, this CD is a true collaboration between musician and dancer, Katia...Aboudi's compositions and arrangements reflect a subtle and deliberate balance of new and traditional music...and if you know Katia, one of New England's leading dancers, you'll hear her personality come through loud and clear... "Aboudi takes composed dance music to a new level...showcases some of the Boston area's best Arab musicians on qanum, violin, oud, and percussion...

"Youm el Farrah is truly 'Sharki' (Oriental) in flavor, with lots of intriguing and exciting rhythmic and modal changes - elements that dancers and choreographers love..."

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