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Master Class with Katia

Sunday, September 2017 date TBA

Katia will present her 4rd Master Class on Sunday, in September date TBA. She will teach her recent choreography,with a veil opening. The class will meet from 11:30-3:00pm with a 1/2 hour break at 1:00pm. Katia will focus on technique, and expression. The Class will be held at Kalia Karr Dance Studio in Lakeville, MA.

Master Class with Katia 3

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Katia presented her 3rd Master Class on Sunday, September 25th to an enthusiastic group of dancers. She taught her newest choreography, to "Ana F'intazarik" (I'm Waiting for you) with a veil opening. The class met from 11:30-3:00pm with a 1/2 hour break at 1:00pm. Katia focused on technique, choreography and expression. The Class was held at Kalia Karr Dance Studio in Lakeville, MA.

Yousry Sharif Weekend

Saturday-Sunday May 21-22, 2016

Katia presented Yousry Sharif in an exciting weekend workshop. All were inspired and energized with a magical weekend of two full days of classes where exciting choreographies were taught. Yousry demonstrated his ability to reach everyone! This was an opportunity to work with a Master of Middle Eastern Dance who has helped to create beautiful dancers all over the world. Katia thanks you all for coming and appreciates all the out of town dancers who attended the workshop along with our local dancers. We had a relaxing "Dinner with Yousry" on Saturday night at a local restaurant. In the end we had a full room but next time it would be appreciated if dancers sign up in advance! See you next time! Happy Dancing!

Master Class with Katia 2

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Katia presented her second Master Class on April 10, 2016 to a great group of dancers. The class met from 11:30-3:00pm with a 1/2 hour break at 1:00pm. The class focused on technique and a mini choreography using a veil to the music "El Ayoun el Soud" It was held at Kalia Karr Dance Studio in Lakeville, MA.

A Master Class with Katia

May 31, 2015

Since Katia retired from teaching workshops in May 2014, many of her longtime students have expressed a desire for her classes. Because of this, Katia will teach a Master Class for the students she has helped to train at her Retreats. It will be a special afternoon class from 12:30 - 3:00pm focusing on technique and a new mini choreography she would like to share with her longtime students. The class will be limited to dancers who have studied with Katia in Retreat, privately and in workshops. A "Reunion" with refreshments will be held in the foyer for an hour following the class. The location: Kalia Karr Studio in Lakeville, MA. For more information email Katia: katiaboston1@aol.com

Katia has been devoting her time to choreography and to her hand embroidered costume collection from North Africa and the Middle East cataloging and organizing for preservation.

Katia's "Grand Finale" Workshop

May 17-18, 2014

Katia presented her Grand Finale 2-day Workshop featuring Oriental choreography with veil to the classic "Alf Leila wa Leilah" on Saturday and Sunday, May 17 and 18, 2014. In addition there was a recorded music Showcase for participants on Saturday evening followed by a "Life is a Dance" Concert of a few of Katia's favorite dances featuring invited Guest Artists. Sunday concluded the workshop followed by a Q&A and a photo show on Katia's career with refreshments. The weekend was one of education, inspiration and celebration! It was Katia's Last Workshop. Special thanks to Staff Members Amera (Anita Mola) Ma'isah (Kimberly Mangino)and Tasoula (Linda Ferrante)

Katia has been a dancer all her life since beginning at five years old gaining a background in ballet and tap. In 1973 she discovered Middle Eastern Dance and it has been an amazing journey ever since! After a 41 year career in Middle Eastern Dance, which has included 15 years of performance in nightclubs, years of theater performances and decades of teaching, Katia has decided to retire from teaching workshops and pursue other aspects of the dance and life.


2014 Participants Katia's Grand Finale Workshop (Regan Leston and Margaret Slocombe are missing from photo)

    Comments from Katia after her Grand Finale Workshop:

    "For my final workshop I wanted to present a choreography to the classic "Alf Leila wa Leilah". During the weekend I set out to challenge the participants with a lot of material filled with rich vocabulary and as usual performance technique to enhanse their own dance. It was a very hardworking group and together I feel we accomplished that. With the completion of the 10 multi-day annual dance Retreats in 2012, I met many of my personal goals of passing on the principles of total dance and performance technique to new generations of dancers. I am fortunate to have had the richest of training with Ibrahim Farrah who opened my musical ear and expanded my horizons for the dance as an Art and Velerie Camille, my New York dance coach who added greatly to my performance art and teaching. I have also been inspired by Yousry Sharif and Mahmound Reda. I was truly blessed with the opportunity to gain inspiration from countless live performances in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East for over two decades. Dancers Nagwa Fuad, Soheir Zaki, Aza Sharif, Nadia Hamdi and the late Nadia Gamal have greatly influenced me and my love of the dance.

    I will continue to be active in the dance in other ways and will give private classes upon request to those students I have helped to train in the past."

    July 26-28, 2013

    Celebrating her 40th year in Middle Eastern dance, Katia presented THE DANCE ADVANCE, a new level of workshop for advanced and professional dancers inspiring participants to build an exciting future for the dance in this 21st Century by exploring new kinds of presentation for performance. Rare video footage was shown of the Legends of our dance and there were discussions of what made them great. It was a three day event (5 hours of class each day) Two dances were taught during the workshop.(Classic and Folkloric (Turkish), Performance highlight was the Saturday night studio hafla with live 5-piece Arabic band Tony Chamoun on Tabla, Samir Medani on Keyboards, Jamal Sinno on Kanoun, Mohamed Mejour on Ney and Joussef Aitelhadj on Def. Those participants who wished to perform entertained the audience and there was lots of music for audience dancing. Everyone truly "ADVANCED" at the Dance Advance!

    Special thanks to Staff Members Amera (Anita Mola) and Ma'isah (Kimberly Mangino) who helped everything run smoothly.


The 2013 - DANCE ADVANCE Participants (Liz Taylor, Chris Crowley, Shannon Donovan missing from photo)

    Comments from 2013 Dance Advance Participants:

    "I feel The Dance Advance was a great success and I am so glad to have experienced it. I do so much respect your teaching and all that it encompasses. There is no one else that I have encountered who is so dedicated to maintaining the full integrity of all that this dance is and has historically been. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to study dance with you." .....Samar (VT)

    "I really enjoyed this year's Dance Advance. Three days was perfect and the two choreographies were wonderful as always but this year because the Oriental was only 5 minutes, I was able to actually dance it by Sunday. The band was fabulous on Saturday..... I loved "Daret et Ayyam" and I would benefit from a review to catch the nuances I might have missed .......Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.".....Jewel (MA)

    "Thank you so much for doing the Dance Advance. I am yet again challenged, re-energized, and inspired by your teachings and performance." ......Rianna el Helwa (MA)

Trips to Egypt

Katia conducted two tours to Egypt for Dancers in 1990 and 1992. The following is her latest tour in March 2006: **Treasures of Egypt- Moonlight on The Nile - Click here for REVIEW Of March 2006 Tour. The Adventure Continues!

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